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"we believe that Bringing up Baby offers your child the best start and gives you complete peace of mind..."

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Welcome to Bringing up Baby 

Bringing up Baby Nurseries are a collection of award-winning, friendly, privately owned London nurseries, dedicated to providing the best childcare and education. Bringing up Baby give top priority to the development, needs and happiness of our children and their families and carers.

We have designed our nurseries to the highest specification providing a vibrant, safe and cosy environment for the staff, children, parents and carers. We believe in providing the personal touch in each of our nurseries which helps us develop a bond between our nurseries and children and their family that helps the transition into nursery.

Bringing up Baby caters for children aged from 3 months to 5 years and was established to provide a fresh approach to child care and nursery education. Bringing up Baby was set up by a professional team of mothers and educators in 1989. Our nurseries integrate care, education, providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment to create a confident, happy, healthy and adventurous child.

We believe that quality childcare is achieved by working in partnership with parents, employers, Early Years, OFSTED and other community bodies. We aim to create a culture in which employees are genuinely empowered and actively promote an equal opportunities policy throughout our nurseries.

We believe that we can offer your child the best start and give you complete peace of mind.




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